AICES History

Formation of the Heads of Independent Co-Educational Schools (HICES). This association was formed through the need to develop sporting, cultural, social and academic contact between independent co-educational schools.

From a humble beginning of eight (8) schools in 1976, HICES grew to a large, well respected association of twenty-four (24) schools by 1997. Mr Greg Aitken (Convenor 1987 - 1997)

Formation of the Independent Schools Association (ISA). ISA was established by the union of a number of HICES and Combined Catholic College (CCC) Schools to provide regular Saturday competition in a number of sports.

Since its inception ISA provided a representative pathway for their member schools. HICES Schools who were not members of ISA were still welcomed to use ISA as their representative pathway.

The Board of the Association of Independent Schools of New South Wales agreed to the establishment of the New South Wales Combined Independent Schools Sports Committee, (NSWCISSC) for the purpose of providing independent school students and staff with the opportunity to participate in State and National School sporting activities previously only available to those in State Schools.

The model chosen for this committee was designed to assist the existing (and new) Sporting Associations of Schools to work together to achieve this objective. ISA advised those HICES schools which were not full members that the representative avenue for boys through to NSWCIS representation was no longer available so the current AICES Sub Associations (WAS, HRIS & CDSSA) all became individual members of CIS.

Formation of the Association of Independent Co-Educational Schools (AICES). Approximately 7000 students.

In a meeting between Mr Alan Anderson (Kinross Wolaroi School Principal), Mr Alan Green (Newcastle Grammar Principal), Mr Leigh Carroll (Newcastle Grammar Director of Sport) and Mr Greg Aitken (Kinross Wolaroi School Director of Sport & HICES Convenor) the decision to consolidate a number of smaller association (WAS, HRIS & CDSSA) for further representation was made. AICES Name, Colours and founding rules were drafted. Founding Convenor Mr Greg Aitken, Kinross Wolaroi School.

First year of operation for AICES. Approximately 7000 students . Mr Greg Aitken was convenor whilst Head of Sport and PHHPE at Kinross Wolaroi School.

AICES Population approximately 16,000 students.

Appointment of a full time Executive Officer - Mr Greg Aitken (Founding Convenor). AICES Population approximately 17,000 students

AICES grows to include 54 schools and approximately 18,000 students.

SWISSA admitted as the 8th AICES sub association. AICES now has 63 schools and over 22,000 students.

AICES appointed a Part Time Administrative Assistant. AICES Population approximately 24,000 students.

AICES 20th year of operation and is now the largest of the CIS Associations with 75 schools and over 26,000 students.

AICES 25th year of operation with 78 schools and over 33,000 students.