AICES and CIS Selection Policy

Combined Teams

  • - Where an association cannot field a team the AICES EO will endeavour to create a combined team to allow these players to participate.

  • - A team will be deemed as an association team if it has 70% of it players from that association. If the number is less than 80% combined team it will be deemed a combined team.

  • - If a combined team wins an AICES Championship both that team and the best placed association team will be awarded medallions.

  • - All players in the combined team are eligible for AICES selection



  • - Students must participate in the AICES trials to be considered for selection. The only exception to this is where a student cannot attend the trial because of higher representation commitments in an AICES sport. An AICES Sport is considered to be any sport listed in the AICES Sports section on the AICES Website. When this situation occurs the Executive Officer may allow the student to be considered for selection.

  • - As a general policy, the selectors decision will be final. Application for exemption from this policy must be made to the AICES Executive (Appeals Committee) at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the holding of the relevant selection event.

  • - Appeals may lodged on an individual basis. The Appeals Committee will consist of the Convenor of each eight Sub Associations. Each association will have one vote on each appeal. Should the voting tie at 4-4, the Executive Officer will have the deciding vote.

  • - As a general principle injury or exams will not be a satisfactory request for exemption.

  • - Where AICES selects an Open Representative team only those students who were selected in the AICES 1st will be endorsed to trial CIS. AICES will only endorse up to a maximum number of players equal to the number of players allowed in a team for that sport as defined by the national body of that sport. When a junior team is selected only those named in that team are permitted to trial for CIS.

  • - Students must be enrolled and attending an AICES school in Years 7 – 12.

  • - All student trialling for an AICES team must have been nominated online on the AICES Website and approved by their principal and parents/caregiver.

  • - Every student who attends a trial must be given equal opportunity to demonstrate his or her skill.

  • - In team sports, as a general rule, each association will provide a member to act as a selector for the respective sport.

  • - Staff or coaches not involved in the selection process are requested not to discuss their own players’ ability with the selectors.

  • - Whenever possible announcements of teams will be made on the AICES Website and in the AICES Newsletter as soon as possible after the trials..

  • - While in general practice the selectors decision is final application for alternate consideration may be made to the Appeals Committee in writing within 24 hours of announcement of the team.

  • - Upon selection all students will be issued an information sheet outlining the commitments required with regards to any training, games or trials they will be required to attend.

  • - Students selected in an AICES Team will be expected to sign off on and fulfil the commitments as outlined in the information sheet.. If a player fails to fulfil the commitments without good reason (eg injury or sickness) they may be excluded from all remaining AICES Sports for a period of 12 months.


  • - All nominations must be received by CIS before the advertised due dates.

  • - No late nominations will be accepted.

  • NSWCIS Representative Team Selections

  • To be eligible for selection in a NSWCIS representative team a student must:

  • - be enrolled and attending at a school which affiliates through an existing independent school Sports Association to the NSWCISSC. Note - As “Home School” students do not fulfil this criteria, they are ineligible to participate in NSWCIS selections unless they are accepted by a participating school as one of its own.

  • - participate in the scheduled NSWCIS selection trial(s)

  • - obtain access to NSWCISSC selection trials through one member association. Schools which are members of more than one member association are required to nominate their member association pathway for each sport. Where there is a variation from the nominated association pathway the school must notify NSWCISSC 48 hours prior to the selected association trial. Refer Schedule A – Change in Pathway

  • - Please note: Students may only access CIS through one member sporting association.

  • - While exemption may be considered for a student competing in the particular sport at a higher level for which trials are being held, it should be noted that as a general principle, a student failing to participate in a scheduled NSWCISSC selection activity through injury or illness does not constitute a satisfactory basis for exemption.

  • - While as a general practice, the selectors decision will be final, application for exemption from this policy may be made through Sport Convenor to the NSWCISSC Appeals Committee at the time of nomination. Applications for exemption must be made in writing to the NSWCISSC Executive Officer, endorsed by the student’s school and member sports association and lodged 7 days prior to the trial.

  • - Request for consideration in exceptional circumstances

  • - Where exceptional circumstances prevail within the 24 hours prior to the commencement of the trial a student/s can apply for consideration in exceptional circumstances. Where possible a student/s school must

  • a. notify the NSWCISSC Executive Officer/ Sports Administrator by telephone prior to the completion of the trial.

  • b. follow notification up with a written explanation, endorsed by the school principal. This must be sent to the NSWCISSC Executive Officer within 24 hours of completion of the trial.

  • - Applications for exemption will be heard by the NSWCISSC Appeals Committee and the student’s school notified of their decision within 48 hours of receipt of the application.

  • - The Appeals Committee will be comprised of the Executive Officer of the NSWCISSC and NSWCISSC sports administrators. The Convenor of the relevant sport and such other personnel as the NSWCISSC Executive may deem necessary to assist and inform the process may be approached. The Convenor will be notified of a response to the request within 36 hours of the appeal being received by the Appeals Committee.

  • - While the NSWCISSC recognises that selections at an Association level is an association based matter, it recommends that where this involves further selection to NSWCIS teams, eligibility consistency with NSWCIS in selections at association level can provide a better understanding for students and parents.

  • - Where the Appeals Committee upholds an exemption for a student from a trial, and consequently it may be expected that some student/s may be dropped from the final team, selectors are advised that where possible, in the interest of sensitivity to the eliminated students (and concerned parents), that a Squad is chosen at the set trials. The Squad should be notified of the exemption and should be comprised of a sufficient number to ensure that it is several students, not a single student, finally eliminated from the chosen team.



  • - A nominee who is unsuccessful in gaining selection has the right of appeal.

  • - Any appeal must be made through the student’s school by the staff member responsible for the sport. This appeal must be made in writing, be endorsed by the school principal and be received by the NSWCISSC Executive Officer within 48 hours following the trial.

  • - The NSWCISSC Appeals Committee will hear the appeal and a decision relayed to the school within 48 hours of receipt of the appeal.