AICES Sport Results & Teams 2023

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Athletics AICES Athletics Results 2023

AICES Athletics Team For CIS 2023

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AICES BBall Cup Results 2023

AICES Boys 18yrs Basketball Results 2023

AICES Girls 18yrs Basketball Results 2023

AICES Boys 18yrs Basketball Teams 2023

AICES Boys 18yrs Rep Info 2023 - click here

AICES Girls 18yrs Basketball Team 2023

AICES Girls 18yrs Rep Info 2023 - click here

AICES 16yrs Boys For CIS Trials - click here

AICES 16yrs Girls Basketball Team 2023

AICES 16yrs Basketball Rep Info 2023

Cross Country AICES XC Results 2023 Updated 2

Draft AICES XC Team for CIS Updated


AICES 16B & Open Girls Football Pools

AICES Football 16 Boys Finals

AICES Football Open Girls Finals

AICES 15G & Open Boys Football Pools

AICES Open Boys Finals

AICES 15yrs Girls Finals

AICES Open Girls Football Team 2023

AICES 16 Boys Football Team 2023

AICES Open Boys Football Team 2023

Hockey AICES Hockey Results 2023

AICES Open Boys Hockey Team 2023

AICES Girls Hockey Teams 2023


AICES 15yrs Netball Results

AICES Open Netball Results 2023

AICES Netball Cup Results 2023

AICES 15yrs Netball Team 2023

CIS Netball Info 2023 - click here

AICES Open Netball Team 2023

Rugby Union  

AICES Rugby Teams 2023

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AICES Rugby Rep Information

Swimming AICES Swimming Results 2023

AICES Swimming Team for CIS Draft 4

CIS Swimming Info Sheet


Boys Open Championship Finals 2023

Boys Open Consolation Finals 2023

Girls Open Tennis Results 2023

AICES Tennis Cup Results 2023

AICES 15 Girls Tennis Results 2023

AICES Boys Tennis Team 2023

AICES Girls Tennis Team 2023

Touch Football AICES Touch Results 2023 AICES Touch Teams 2023 
Softball   AICES Girls to Attend CIS Trials 2023
Water Polo